Choosing between a plastic bag or plastic clamshell – which is better?

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Salad Greens
and Sprouts

We love ’em. They are so good for us and so convenient and easy. The problem is we usually have the choice between either plastic or plastic – a clamshell container (that’s the term for the plastic container with the clasp lid) or a plastic bag. It can be hard to know which is the better choice.

The ideal would be to purchase our salad greens loose. Well, no – the ideal would be to grown your own, but that’s just not up my alley at this point in life. I haven’t seen loose baby salad greens in a market in a long time.
Not even at the farmer’s markets, in season. Whole Foods used to have them loose but they stopped doing that years ago.salad greens in basket_275424593 copy

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Living and working completely without plastic is the goal I’m going for. But I have to admit, my main source of plastic that goes into the recycling are those clamshells  from baby greens. I use these for my clients and I just can’t find a solution to this.

I have wondered, if I had to make a choice between the salad greens in a plastic bag and the ones in the clamshell which would be better. The going consensus seems to be the clamshells have more options for recycling than the plastic bags. And there are a few companies that package their salad greens in containers made from recycled plastics such as Organic Girl and Earthbound Farm.

One friend suggested I get the salad greens from the organic salad bar at Whole Foods. I can put those in a compostable paper box.
That’s not a bad idea. I think I’ll see what the price difference is.

When I’m purchasing romaine, red leaf, or other whole heads of lettuce I am usually given the option to purchase with or without a plastic bag, and given the option I’m going for no plastic bag, thank you very much. And you know those tin ties that they tie up the lettuce with? – I call them tin ties, maybe there’s another name for them. Those things can’t be recycled, no way, no how. So, I always manage to find bunches of lettuce that don’t have the ties on them. I put them in my reusable, organic muslin produce bag and I’m good to go!

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