Tip Tuesday: Stop your cutting boards from slipping and sliding!

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An Easy Tip to Keep your Cutting Board from Slipping and Sliding

Here you are, getting ready to make a yummy salad, and your cutting board is sliding all over the place! Especially if you have granite counters like you see here in the photo. A cutting board that isn’t staying in place can be a bit dangerous. Slipping cutting boards → can lead to slipping knives → can lead to a nasty cut.

Having the time to cook is hard enough, but when your kitchen tools are working against you it makes it even harder.

There’s a very simple technique to stop the board from sliding.

In professional kitchens they often place a damp towel under the cutting board which will create a grip between the cutting board and your counter top. While that works well, a few years ago I started using rug gripper pads. I found all the wet towels were a pain to deal with, while the rug pads rarely get wet, and if they do get a bit wet they’re just a little damp and dry quickly. No need for extra laundry to do from the wet towels.

After doing a little research I discovered that many rug grips are made with PVC, not something I want to have around since it’s linked to all sorts of toxic issues. So, I looked for a healthier substitute for rug pads and found these Natural Rubber Rug Pads made by Nature’s Grip. You can order the size of your choice (since it’s for cutting boards you don’t need something too big), they will cut it to size for you. Then when you get it, cut it to fit under your cutting board. A 2′ x 3′ rug grip gives me plenty of pads for under my boards. Too many – even for someone who runs a professional kitchen. Give ’em away to friends who cook. Impress them with your cleverness 😉

And of course, if you have area rugs that are slipping and sliding, this company has several healthy, non-toxic, no-off gassing solutions. It’s a known fact that for most of us our indoor air quality is worse than outdoor air quality. Off-gassing is one of the big issues in our homes. These natural rug grips don’t off-gas.  Good to know.

Don’t know what off-gassing is? Check out this blog post: by CustomMade.

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Happy Cooking!

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