There’s always more to learn.

Thrash with Question Mark_289322993 copyI’ve tried to live as sustainably as possible for many years now. And I never fail to be amazed at how much more I can do.

The slogan Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is common to almost all of us now. But we tend to only do the recycle part, and only if it’s made easy for us.

Reduce is actually the goal we should be striving for. Reduce means: don’t use it in the first place.
Somehow, most of us seem to miss that bit.

There are a few books I have found that have helped inspire me to learn more and do more.
Beth Terry’s book “My Plastic Free Life”,  given to me by my good friend Julie, helped me develop, as another good friend Judy called it, OPD – Obsessive Plastic Syndrome.

It’s an easy read and I highly recommend it. You can find it here: My Plastic Free Life: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit

Her website has a lot of tips and encouragement and even a Plastic Free Challenge you can become a part of. Just in case you need a little help in developing your own OPD (although Ms Terry stresses the no guilt part of this endeavor).

There is also the Zero Waste movement. You can find lots of things online about this movement. Trash is for Tossers is one. Bea Johnson wrote a book Zero Waste Home, about her journey to having absolutely no trash.

Zero waste is my goal here. And I have to say, in the last month alone, being inspired by both these movements I’ve made a few changes both in my business, The Nourishing Well, and in my home. I’ve reduced my trash to about a quart a week – and some weeks not even that much. Yup – that’s from both business and my personal use.

I do have a problem with all the “you can make it yourself stuff”. Really? No, I can’t. All these books, blogs, YouTube, FaceBook, and other online stuff talk about making your own toothpaste, making your own household cleaners. Sometimes it makes me feel like I need to have a partner in life to be able to do all these things that will bring me to a completely zero waste life. I’m a happy, single, very hard working woman who can barely keep her house clean and organized let along make the things to clean them with…….Ugh! What’s a woman to do! I did manage to find an organic face moisturizer in a glass container. That gave me a bit of an OPD glow. I need more things pre-made that I can purchase in non-plastic containers. Anybody out there doing that?
(It also makes me wonder what type of packaging all the ingredients for the DIY cleaners come in – plastic maybe??? Probably!)

My biggest struggle remains plastic bags that meat and poultry come in and those damn plastic clamshells that salad greens come in. I am talking to the head of Environmental something or other at Mom’s, my local organic market, to see if they can start carrying loose salad greens. Probably not. Nobody’s gonna buy them but me, and if they do they’re gonna put them in a plastic bag, which is even harder to recycle than plastic clamshells. Oh, wait – Mom’s uses compostable, made-out-of non-gmo plant starch bags. Whew! Save!

Ugh! Having OPD sure sucks sometimes.

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