Saving the World, One Straw at a Time (or not)

iced coffee_215557519 copyI was so proud of myself this week (which is always a bit dangerous I guess). There was a huge group of us at a dinner for my grandson last night (he’s three) and I finally remembered to say “no straw, please” to my waitress.  My son Matt gave me the usual roll of the eyes and snicker (all with plenty of love). My friend Leslie however, said something to the effect of “I never thought of straws being an environmental problem. Gee, I need to be reading your blog”. She took hers home to recycle it.

The restaurant was half full – about 50 people or so. Everyone with a straw. I guess that estimate of 500 million straws per day being discarded is right on.

This week I was also very proud that I brought my Kleen Kanteen with me to have the organic juice bar fill with my favorite veggie juice while I was shopping. I remembered my stainless container not just once but twice this week.  Yay me! So much to be proud of!

So, full-of-herself me decided to take a couple of those online check-your-environmental footprint tests.
There are a few – some more detailed than others. I did these two Environmental Footprint  and  Carbon Footprint. These calculate how much your lifestyle effects the world we live in. Oh, was I in for a shock!

Here I am, I live more sustainably and environmentally conscientiously than anyone I know. I shoot my mouth off about it. I have very little trash, from my business and personally, I shop at thrift stores, I buy organic clothing (although not too often), drive a fuel efficient car, keep my house cold in the winter and hot in the summer, clean with environmentally safe products, eat organic and locally, and on and on and on. And you know what? If everyone lived the way I live it would take some where between 2.8 and 3.2 planets to provide for everyone. Not good! (Do the test. You’ll know what this means.) And as far as my carbon footprint goes, well – it’s far better than most people in this country. But not good enough.

This makes me want to cry. Makes me want to scream. But most of all it makes me want to do even better. I have my grandchildren’s future to think of and right now, it ain’t looking too pretty unless we all do our best to make positive lifestyle changes now. No time to lose. And I trust there are plenty of us out there who want to see a healthy future for generations to come. Join me!

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