My Favorite Kitchen Tools: Mezzaluna

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We all know cooking can take a lot of time, especially when you’re using fresh, organic, healthy ingredients, so I’ve decided to start a series on my favorite kitchen tools. Having the right tools on hand helps you get the job done more quickly and easily.

This week’s favorite tool of the week is a mezzaluna (Italian for half-moon).

What’s it used for? Chopping up herbs. And you wouldn’t think that it would work any better than a sharp chef knife, but it does.

As you can see from the photo it’s a half-moon shape of steel with a handle on each end to hold onto.

The one I have has is made by Joseph and Joseph and while it has (God-forbid) plastic handles, they fold up over the blade, which is a great safety measure since the blade is incredibly sharp (as I well know, after I cut myself with it.)

double blade mezzaluna and parsley_175288289 copy

If you want to get all fancy about it you can get yourself one of these double mezzalunas and get the job done in twice the time.

You grasp the handles and rock the mezzaluna side to side and Bob’s Your Uncle (American speak for voila), they’re all chopped up. You do want to stem the herbs first though.

It can take you a few tries to get used to the rocking motion but once you have it down it’s a breeze.

There are some on the market that have one handle going across the top but I find that one a little harder to work with and prefer the type with a handle on either side of the blade.

While these are available through Amazon and Target, I got mine at my favorite place to browse around for kitchen tools, Home Goods.

Happy Cooking!

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