millet feeds more than one-third of the world’s population

If people have heard of millet they usually think of bird food when they think of millet. It’s time to change that image of this wonderful gluten-free grain.

Caramelized-tempeh - Tempeh or tempe is a traditional food in Indonesia

Tempeh or tempe is a traditional food in Indonesia, made by fermenting whole soybeans. Since it is the whole soybean tempeh has a higher proportion of protein, dietary fiber, and vitamins than the more familiar tofu.

limes and lemons on a cutting board
Get More Juice from Citrus Fruits I use plenty of fresh citrus juice in my cooking, preferring it to bottled juice any day. Warm lemons, limes, or oranges for a little while and you’ll find it easier to squeeze them and you’ll get more juice out of the fruits.