How to: Take Care of Your Cutting Boards

several cutting boards_234661666 copy 2Follow these tips so your cutting boards will last a lifetime.

There are a few essentials in every cook’s kitchen, one of which is a cutting board.

Take good care of it and it will last a lifetime.

My choice is always wood for a cutting board. Plastic cutting boards have been proven to hold more bacteria in them than wood. And who wants plastic anyhow!

If you’re Jonesin’ for a cool cutting board go to They have some real beauties there. And of course there are the many high-end kitchenware stores that will carry beautiful, special boards.

But I’m always looking for a workhorse. Something that’s going to tolerate a daily beating, and I don’t want to spend $150 or $200 on a cutting board. $25 to $35 is my price range and you can find cutting boards for that price if you search the right places. Discount stores, restaurant supply stores, sales at department stores. They’re out there.

The first thing you want to do with a cutting board is  oil it on a regular basis. But what oil to choose? Very often mineral oil is recommended, but did you know what is sold as “mineral oil” is actually a petroleum by-product? Yup, it is. Even though it is “food grade” I prefer not to use that on my cutting boards.

There are new, refined coconut oils on the market. I’ve tried a variety of them – both oils and waxes, and my current favorite is Bartow and Sons Vegan Cutting Board Oil  This oil has lemon in it which aids in keeping the board bacteria free.

Often the first time you season a new cutting board it really soaks up the oil. I drench it as soon as I get it and then maybe again at the end of the week.
You’ll know when your board needs to be oiled again when you see the color going lighter, usually in the middle of the board where it’s used the most. Here in The Nourishing Well Kitchen, that can be every other week, for the average home cook it’ll be every few months.

Keep in mind, when you oil your cutting board you’re going to need someplace to keep the greasy thing while the oil soaks in. A large cookie sheet works.

If you don’t keep the board oiled it will start to crack in time and those cracks will harbor bacteria. YUCK!

To clean the cutting board just wash it with warm soapy water. Don’t put it in the dishwasher. That’s a great way to ruin it for sure!

After washing your cutting board stand it up on one side so it can dry well. Put it someplace where it won’t get knocked over.

Tucking a wet cutting board into a cubby, drawer or closet will help it get moldy – there’s a reason I know this!!!!! Due to the nature of my work as a cooking instructor and personal chef I have numerous cutting boards. I found a cool metal rack (which I think is a self-standing lid rack) that my boards fit into perfectly. It sits on a counter and at the end of my day I slide the damp, clean boards into the rack where they can dry till I use them the next time.



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