How to store fresh herbs

several herbs_114961828 copy 2How to store fresh herbs

Whether you grow your own herbs or purchase them from the farmer’s markets or grocery stores, we often have more than we can use on hand and much of it will go to waste.

But not if they are stored properly.
I have learned two tricks from two friends, Lynne and Judy.

Lynne grows her own herbs, and for anyone who does grow them you know that by the second year they can be taking over your garden. She picks her herbs and stores them in a zipper seal bag in the refrigerator. One year she gave me a bag full of fresh lemon thyme and stayed fresh and beautiful for many months in that sealed bag in my fridge. I was amazed!

My friend Judy purchases her herbs, preps them by washing, drying, chopping and then again storing them in freezer bags. (Please note the drying bit is important with this.) While I do grow most of my herbs in season, I purchase them from the markets off season and being ever the lazy girl (or maybe I’m the over-scheduled girl), I don’t wash them since I’ve found them to be so clean these days. I stem them, pop ’em in a freezer bag and there they wait. And they are just perfect. I’m so amazed at how well this works.


Those of you who have been following my posts for a while know very well I’m not using regular ol’ plastic freezer bags.
Biobag makes re-sealable bags that work just perfectly.
I’ve found I can rinse the bags out and use them over many times before they head for the compost.

Most of you I’m sure know that pesto can be frozen in ice cube trays and then the cubes put into these great bags from Biobag.



Happy Cooking!Marilyn

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