Did I Do That?

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Did I Do That?

Yea, ya did. And so did I.
And it’s time we stop. Think about all the single-use plastic items you use in a day, a week, a year. Then multiply that by everyone you know, everyone in your town, your city, your state. Scary, huh?

More scary? Plastic doesn’t go away. Ever. And it gets in you, and me and my mom and my kids and my grandkids and causes all sorts of health problems. It’s consumed by birds and kills them. It’s consumed by ocean life and kills it.

Depressing – maybe. But I’m excited because now we are privileged to have a choice to not use these items.

There are many reusable beverage bottles on the market. Many of us use these for our water when we’re out and about, but what about your take-out coffee or tea. What’s that going into? Ok – so that might come in a paper cup, but it’s got a plastic lid. With summer coming on iced tea and coffee are going into plastic cups. And regardless of paper or plastic, it’s still unnecessary waste.

A number of companies make lovely on-the-go hot beverage mugs.
I’ve used one by Kleen Kanteen and it’s great but I have to say I don’t like the taste of the metal when I drink my tea (not a coffee drinker).

I was gifted a lovely ceramic travel mug by a friend, which is my favorite to-go mug.

There are also glass travel mugs by an assortment of companies. I haven’t tried those so I can’t give a recommendation there.

My local Saxby’s gives a 10% discount for using my own mug. Can’t be better! I’m sure other coffee shops do also.

To be inspired to get the plastic out of your life you might want to read “My Plastic Free Life” by Beth Terry.
Check out her website for inspiration www.myplasticfreelife.com

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