Bring Sustainability Home

Sustainability_154434335 copyOne day my assistant Krista, noticing how environmentally conscientious I am here at The Nourishing Well, commented that she would like to live more sustainably, but didn’t know where to start. She thought that many people feel the same. They would like to do right, but need some help getting there.

Since this is the month we celebrate Earth Day (which I think is dumb but that’s another story), I’m going to send out daily tips for you to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle. Any tips you may have to share with the rest of us are more than welcome.

Single-use produce bags: Most of us are very good at bringing our own grocery bag to the store. But did you ever consider that the plastic bags your putting your produce in might be an environmental issue? Well, they are. And they are completely unnecessary. I’ve been using these organic cotton mesh bags from Ecobags for years.


Choose the large size bag since they shrink a little when washed. The small ones are good for garlic and such things.

PS: When you check out at the grocery store tell the clerk to tare the weight of the bag. This is so you won’t be charged for the weight of the bag. The tare weight is on the label inside.