Straws??? These are a problem??? Really???

So, here I am doing my research on all the plasticky things we use that we really don’t need. And I’m on the Plastic Pollution Coalition’s website and they mention straws. Just Say No has a new campaign. It’s no longer for drugs (or maybe it still is, I donR

Think styrofoam can be recycled? Well, guess what…..

So many of us are trying our best to be conscientious and recycle everything possible. In doing so we are often putting things in the recycling bins for our cities and towns that really shouldn’t go there. One of these items is Styrofoam. “But they have the recycling logo

Did I Do That?

Did I Do That? Yea, ya did. And so did I. And it’s time we stop. Think about all the single-use plastic items you use in a day, a week, a year. Then multiply that by everyone you know, everyone in your town, your city, your state. Scary, huh? More scary? Plastic doesn’t go

Bring Sustainability Home

One day my assistant Krista, noticing how environmentally conscientious I am here at The Nourishing Well, commented that she would like to live more sustainably, but didn’t know where to start. She thought that many people feel the same. They would like to do right, but need som

Plastic Free Living (sort of)

Plastic Free Living (sort of) Last year my friend Julie gave me a book for Christmas – “My Plastic Free Life”. I thought I did a pretty good job of being quite environmentally conscientious but this book made me realize there is so much more that I can do. Now my fri

August Newsletter – Raising Healthy Kids

I had always wished I could write with Erma Bombeck’s or Click and Clack’s of Car Talk sense of humor since much of child rearing as a single parent was intense, insane, riotous and funny. A good deal wasn’t funny but I figured Erma or Tom and Ray would manage to find plenty of humor

May 2010 Newsletter – What’s for Breakfast

Everyone says breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet most people are choosing some of the worst foods possible to eat first thing in the morning. I see two main issues at hand. First, most of us are in a rush so we just grab whatever is at hand and second, clever mark

October 2009 Newsletter – Start Your Healthy Eating Habits

With the Fall and Winter Holidays coming up this is a great time to start some healthier eating habits. Start changing your diet now so that when the downward spiral of Halloween, Thanksgiving and New Years starts (which is only a few weeks away) you will have made some positive chang