My Favorite Kitchen Tools: Mezzaluna

     Mezzaluna We all know cooking can take a lot of time, especially when you’re using fresh, organic, healthy ingredients, so I’ve decided to start a series on my favorite kitchen tools. Having the right tools on hand helps you get the job done more quickly and

It’s only taken 50 years or so

The Delema G. Deaver Wellness Farm This is so exciting!!! The Lanekenau Medical Center, in Wynnewood, PA, has opened a hospital-based wellness farm with the goal of demonstrating that nutrition and food has a beneficial effect on individuals and the community. While I’m so happy

The Problem with “Compostables”

A number of things I use – such as trash bags, zipper freezer bags and when I have parties the plates, cups and utensils say they are “compostable”. Why the quotes? Well, because most, if not all, of this compostable stuff really only breaks down in a commercial comp

There’s always more to learn.

I’ve tried to live as sustainably as possible for many years now. And I never fail to be amazed at how much more I can do. The slogan Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is common to almost all of us now. But we tend to only do the recycle part, and only if it’s made easy for us. Reduc


What’s that Vegetable? Sunchoke! Have you seen these funky looking veggies at organic markets and farmers markets? They are sunchokes and I just love ’em. Sometimes called Jerusalem artichokes they really don’t have anything to do with artichokes at all. They are a n

You Can Recycle Aluminum Foil – but they don’t make it easy.

So, yesterday I said most townships don’t recycle aluminum foil. I did a little research and it seems that’s not the case in my town. But they don’t make it easy, that’s for sure. Now, I’m not saying it’s all that hard either. The county I live in,

Choosing between a plastic bag or plastic clamshell – which is better?

  Salad Greens and Sprouts We love ’em. They are so good for us and so convenient and easy. The problem is we usually have the choice between either plastic or plastic – a clamshell container (that’s the term for the plastic container with the clasp lid) or a pl

Saving the World, One Straw at a Time (or not)

I was so proud of myself this week (which is always a bit dangerous I guess). There was a huge group of us at a dinner for my grandson last night (he’s three) and I finally remembered to say “no straw, please” to my waitress.  My son Matt gave me the usual roll of th

Think about buying in bulk (and I don’t mean at Costco)

Reduce Waste by Buying in Bulk If you’re on the road to living more sustainably and reducing your waste  you might want to think about purchasing as many dry goods as possible from the bulk bins at your local health food store. So much is available in these bins – grains,