Tip Tuesday: Get More Juice from Citrus Fruits

Get More Juice from Citrus Fruits I use plenty of fresh citrus juice in my cooking, preferring it to bottled juice any day. Warm lemons, limes or oranges for a little while and you’ll find it easier to squeeze them and you’ll get more juice out of the fruits. Three ways to

Tip Tuesday: Marilyn’s Cheater Roasted Garlic

Marilyn’s Cheater Roasted Garlic Well, this is what my intern Carol calls it. With it’s delicious rich, sweet taste, I love adding roasted garlic to many dishes, sauces and spreads, but roasting the whole bulb with the skin on and then trying to scoop it out of the papery

What’s That Vegetable? Burdock

Burdock – This is a vegetable I learned about many years ago, when I was studying with my Japanese macrobiotic teachers. In traditional Japanese healing it’s called a “blood purifier”, meaning it helps to clean the bloodstream of toxins. It’s a diuretic a

What’s That Vegetable? Hakurei Japanese Turnips

Hakurei Japanese Turnips Spring is the season for so many delicious vegetables. Especially these wonderful Hakurei Japanese turnips. For the turnip haters among you, don’t be afraid of these. They don’t have that bitter twang that the purple top turnips can have. If you sh

Tip Tuesday: Stop your cutting boards from slipping and sliding!

An Easy Tip to Keep your Cutting Board from Slipping and Sliding Here you are, getting ready to make a yummy salad, and your cutting board is sliding all over the place! Especially if you have granite counters like you see here in the photo. A cutting board that isn’t staying in

Did you know these aren’t recyclable?

Last week I took a test on the Philadelphia Recycling Site and I was surprised to find out that these things aren’t recyclable. I had no idea! Now, I have to say  (and excuse me for giving myself a little pat on the back here) I rarely use any of these items. Apparently the fibe

How to: Take Care of Your Cutting Boards

Follow these tips so your cutting boards will last a lifetime. There are a few essentials in every cook’s kitchen, one of which is a cutting board. Take good care of it and it will last a lifetime. My choice is always wood for a cutting board. Plastic cutting boards have been pr

My favorite kitchen tools: Cutting boards

How to pick a cutting board. Even though this photo I found is cool, I wouldn’t use any of these. Here’s why:  Those boards with the handles on them…. they take up much needed space on my counter and just get in the way. The one shaped like a pear, that might be nice

How to store fresh herbs

How to store fresh herbs Whether you grow your own herbs or purchase them from the farmer’s markets or grocery stores, we often have more than we can use on hand and much of it will go to waste. But not if they are stored properly. I have learned two tricks from two friends, Lyn