Welcome to The Nourishing Well

Here at the Nourishing Well health, wellness, and sustainability are at the core of everything we do – along with having fun while we’re doing it!

What began as a personal chef service using organic, locally sourced ingredients has developed into a service that also helps people with health concerns and many dietary restrictions. We’ve learned to create and adapt our cooking to create delicious, nutritionally dense dishes for those following a variety of diets, either due to lifestyle choices or due to health concerns.

Here you will find recipes and ideas to suit pretty much everyone – from vegan to vegetarian, Paleo and omnivore, keto to low fat and low sodium. Let us help you learn to make dishes for those who have health concerns or common food allergies along with some that are not so common (such as nightshades, onions, or garlic).

Happy Cooking!

Marilyn Moser-Waxman

chopping carrots

Eat Well

Organically-grown foods, Locally-grown foods, Freshly prepared, Nutritionally balanced.

Live Well

Sense of well-being, Clarity, Focus, Concentration, Energy, Weight control, Strong immune system, Healthy kids, Feel nourished & satisfied.

Enjoy Life

Relieve stress, Live in the present, Embrace challenges, Accomplish goals, Smile. Share. Love.


Marilyn’s Cheater Roasted Garlic Well, this is what my intern Carol calls it. With it’s delicious rich, sweet taste, I love adding roasted garlic to many dishes, sauces and spreads, but roasting the whole bulb with the skin on and then trying to scoop it out of the papery.

Get More Juice from Citrus Fruits I use plenty of fresh citrus juice in my cooking, preferring it to bottled juice any day. Warm lemons, limes, or oranges for a little while and you’ll find it easier to squeeze them and you’ll get more juice out of the fruits.